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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga - in the tradition of Shri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India

Beginners Intensive (2-Day)

October 6/7 2018
Exeter, UK



Mysore Style Ashtanga
@The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

Ashtanga Yoga - Half Primary
@The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop
Drop-in £9


Mysore Style Ashtanga
@The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

Mixed Ability Ashtanga
Blackborough Village Hall
Drop-in £10


Mysore Style Ashtanga
@The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

Mysore Style Ashtanga
@The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop


Mysore Style Ashtanga
@The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

Beginners Ashtanga
@The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop
Drop-in £8


Mysore Style Ashtanga
@The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

Deepen Your Practice

Ashtanga Yoga Workshops are a great way to expand your understanding and deepen your experience of the practice. Chris regularly teaches workshops in yoga asana, pranayama, yoga philosophy and meditation. These sessions are open to anyone with a burning desire to take their yoga journey to the NEXT LEVEL!!

Check out Chris's 2013 workshop schedule HERE

The following Yoga Workshops are regularly offered at different times and locations throughout the year.

Workshop 1

The Art of Vinyasa

Ashtanga Yoga is a moving meditation: the 'art' of finding stillness in motion. In this session we embark on a 'breath inspired' journey and bring to life the beauty and grace of the Primary Series. By exploring inner alignment we will awaken dormant forces from which our movements will begin to flow.


Workshop 2

Jump Back, Jump Through!!

One of the most fundamental yet challenging parts of the practice, learning to 'float back' and 'glide through' can seem impossible. In this workshop we will breakdown the physics and physiology of the jumping's and explore useful techniques to make the impossible possible!


Workshop 3

The Principles of Dynamic Alignment

Alignment should never be fixed or static, but instead a dynamic expression of energy that is in constant flux. Energy expresses itself, not in linear lines, but spinning vortexes - or spirals. The subtle energies of the body are no different. In this session we will explore the gross and subtle energies of the body with respect to achieving greater balance and alignment within our practice.


Workshop 4

Open Your Heart:
The Key to Unlocking Your Backbends

Backbends are beautiful, energising and uplifting poses. Experiencing their true freeing bliss is the culmination of the 'Yoga Chikitsa' of the Primary Series. This session will explain the outer physiology and inner alignment that prevents us from deepening backbends. We will explore how to awaken the shoulders, spine, hip flexors and thighs – all of which prevent a full experience of 'inspired' backbends.


Workshop 5

Awakening The Psoas

A healthy psoas is the key to both structural physical ability and our emotional health. Finding and releasing the psoas will bring new freedom, ease, and structural integrity to your practice. In this session we will isolate the psoas and its affect upon both our posture and emotional wellbeing. We will finish by exploring an asana sequence to identify awaken this deep unconscious muscle.


Workshop 6

The Real Alchemy of the Practice

If your practice leaves you feeling flat not fabulous here is where to find the key! The deep and powerfully transformative effects of the Primary Series can only really begin to be felt if time and attention is paid to the finishing sequence. Often the most neglected or rushed part of Ashtanga Vinyasa; this session will focus on the practice and importance of these deeply restorative inversions and mudras.


Workshop 7

Nadi Shodana:
An Introduction to Intermediate Series

The Second Series of Ashtanga Yoga is Nadi Shodana (nerve cleansing). In this workshop we will explore this sequence pose by pose, exploring multiple options and approaches for each posture. The internal methodology of the vinyasa between Primary and Intermediate Series will also be discussed as we make our transition between these sequences. Students should have a regular Primary Series practice in order to attend this class. If in doubt email me to discuss. For all levels except complete beginners.


Workshop 8

Mula Bandha

Mula Bandha is an elusive but essential part of the yoga practice; a conjunction of complementary movement patterns, which open the central axis of the body right up through the root of the palate. This session will explore the activity of mula bandha and the strong grounding effect of correct ujjayibreath. We will flow seamlessly through these movement patterns, following the thread of the central axis itself.


Workshop 9

The Only Way Out is in

Yoga is more than the continued pursuit of the next challenging posture. Asana (posture) is only a gateway into the real heart of yoga and all its delights.  In this session we will explore the 8 limbs of yoga as described in ‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’, paying particular attention to pranayama and meditation. We will also enquire where our asana practice is leading us and how to establish a regular ‘sitting’ practice.



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Keen to attend one of these workshops but can't find a date? Why not email us and let us know... that way you can help us schedule workshops WHEN and WHERE you want!!